Rise of the Ronin

Amidst the Fall of the Empire


My name is Michael Ivan Skye.  I’ve been traveling the world for the last six years, a long sabbatical for someone who used to live a fast-pasced life of extreme self-discipline and commitment.  My path to freedom and power as a man was hard-fought, and resulted in me leaving the deep-rooted religion of family and extended family and embarking on a journey to explore and discover authentic authority; leaving the prescribed path of a university education and embarking on wild entrepreneurial exploits; and eventually leaving the CULTure of my birth and embarking on a journey that has had me living on six different continents, speaking 4+ languages and discovering new ways of thriving.  As a man who has left the traditional paths of honor laid out for me, I consider myself to a free man with no master whose life and honor is his own–to borrow the term for masterless samurai who left the code of honor they were trained to follow, “Ronin.”

Over the last nineteen years I’ve developed and introduced a number of different concepts, technologies, trainings and groups for people desiring to live masterful lives as leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs.  My passion has always been empowering and mentoring young men, who like myself, found themselves struggling in environments that were hostile to being a powerful and free, masculine man.  Over the years I’ve helped empower and mentor numerous young men to become free, to become leaders and to become entrepreneurs, beginning with my younger brothers.

Now, after these last six years of reflecting on my life and what’s next for me, I’ve re-aligned myself with my deepest passion of empowering the rising generation of men.

RiseoftheRonin.com is a site I’m developing to honor and support young men who find themselves naturally frustrated, disillusioned and angry with an environment of artificial scarcity in the natural wealth a man biologically expects from life: a path of honor, strength, courage and master; brotherhood (men who have your back, and who’s back you have); caring and wise elder men one can model and learn from; and freedom.

The site will offer men resources to a life of freedom, honor, courage, strength, adventure, mastery, brotherhood and wealth, including new adventures for men, one of which we will beta-test in early 2016, which we may call, Ronin Adventures.

Ronin Adventures - Challenging adventures for men as a way to grow in strength, courage and honor; to develop physical, mental, social and entrepreneurial mastery; to form life-long alliances with other men; to radically expand one’s view of life, self and the world we live in; and to leave a legacy for younger men who desire to know free men who lived life full out.  (exclusively for men desiring profound growth through wild adventure and direct experience)

We will likely also offer tools and trainings from two businesses I’ve created over the last eighteen years:

WealthWarrior.com – A path of warriorship and entrepreneurship for the powerful, masculine man in the 21st Century.  Advanced concepts, new technologies, skills and trainings for generating and mastering honor, brotherhood, wealth, strength, courage, inner power, creative ability and freedom.  (exclusively for entrepreneurial, masculine men)

VisionForce.com – A resource for visionary artists, activists, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and revolutionaries creating the more beautiful world their hearts tell them is possible through initiatives based on the creative forces of the human mind and spirit, rather than through the political and physical forces of fear and control.  Provides high-level experiential trainings, tools and concepts for visionary leaders.  (for all who self-identify as creative leaders and visionaries challenging the limits of culture and conditioning)