Rise of the Ronin

Amidst the Fall of the Empire

Facing Reality: Prison Population in The Land of the Free

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015

1 out of 5 people in jail on planet Earth is a citizen of “the land of the free.” (source) That’s right.  Almost 1 in 4!  To my American brothers: how do you rationalize this being OK?  How many fathers, sons and brothers are being ripped from their families and caged for growing some plants in their back yard?  Or other victimless crimes? For years growing up and living in...

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4 Drone Pilots Gone Ronin

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015

These four drone pilots could not live with the pain of what they had done, and chose not to continue to uphold the code of honor that had kept them quiet previously. They have now betrayed their brothers in arms, and are taking a stand to reclaim their honor. These men are “Ronin.” The article at The free Thought Project describes the suffering and drug abuse common with many men...

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WHY “Rise of the Ronin”?

Posted by on Dec 6, 2015

The Ronin initiatives found on this site are very personal for me.  There are many things I could choose to be investing my time and energy in, and I choose this because I feel so strongly about the bullshit that many young men are expected to accept and compromises they are expected to make. For me, it reminds me of my early circumstances as a teenager and young man, and those of my younger...

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Ronin & The Honor Quest

Posted by on Dec 5, 2015

The ronin, or man who has betrayed the honor code of his people and honor role he was expected to fulfill for his people, may now be “free,” but only superficially so.  Affecting his inner guidance will naturally be the shame, fear, guilt and doubt that is natural when one betrays the honor code, the honor role, the culture he once embraced and followed and the people who were his...

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