Rise of the Ronin

Amidst the Fall of the Empire

Bill Burr Is Angry, Are You?

Posted by on May 12, 2014

The Ronin are the ones who don’t just keep voting with hope that it will be different in the future. They don’t just stay resigned and complacent either. Nor do they sit around indulging in conspiracies and complaining. Nor do they just keep rebelling hard and destroying themselves and their lives.

Ronin, like it or not, are opting out. They’re saying, “Fuck That.” They’re walking free. They’re exploring a world of options and alternatives for places and ways to live. They’ve rejected the code of honor promoted by those who have the most to benefit from the current power structure and direction of the law and the culture, which says to stay and play by the rules like a Good (fill in the blank: citizen, man, employee, Christian, etc.), OR stay and fight and lay down your life for the cause.

Walking free and opting out is shamed by the dominant culture, in order to perpetuate the culture by keeping people around to play by the rules or trying to change the rules–either way the dominant culture and power structure persists.

Ronin start with anger, which is also shamed by the dominant culture. To keep people pacified and docile, it helps to shame anger and also keep people just comfortable enough to have them not take to the streets. Those who fully honor their anger and why they are anger, also honor their power to stand up and choose differently. They often tend to say “Fuck This,” and revolt–or walk.

Many Americans come from those who said, “Fuck This,” and left their lands and cultures to risk life in a new world. Then they said “Fuck This,” when the King tried to dominate them, and revolted. Many Native Americans said “Fuck This” and died standing for their own freedoms and way of life. The children of those who survived were put into boarding schools to pacify them, shame their people and way of life, and indoctrinate them and pacify them into accepting the ways of the dominant culture. Many African Americans and others said “Fuck This” to the dominant culture of slavery and revolted.

The dominant culture shames those who get angry and say, “Fuck This,” and walk free. Yet looking back at history, we honor those of all colors who got angry, said “Fuck This” and walked free to start something new. There are ways of Honor for Ronin, the men who say “Fuck This” and walk on in the face of the shame, judgment and punishment of the dominant culture. But it starts by honoring our anger and being real about the bullshit that’s stirring our anger.

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