Rise of the Ronin

Amidst the Fall of the Empire

The Ronin Diaries

 The Ronin Diaries is a new autobiographical book series by Michael Skye.

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Here’s a synopsis:

Raised to be a Holy Warrior for a uniquely American religion that aims to rule the world one day, Michael Skye now travels the world on a self-imposed exile from the American Empire, exploring new cultures and writing the stories of his life’s adventures with the intention of inspiring young men to answer the call of their hearts to fully awaken, rise up, throw off their chains and reclaim their power before the forces of culture lull them into submission, resignation or illusory rebellion.

The Ronin Diaries, a series of memoirs written as real-life choose-your-adventure books, challenge the reader to participate by taking heroic action to liberate and empower himself.  The final books in the series are unwritten, Skye says, and will be written through the actions of readers around the world.

Through the series the reader joins Skye on his rebellious taboo-crossing, cult-infiltrating and sacred-cow-slaughtering quest to radically liberate and empower himself and his people.  The reader is challenged to explore the often controversial-yet-powerful authors, ideas and methodologies he encounters along the way.

Skye also invites the reader into candid moments of fear, struggle, humiliation, insight and triumph as he creates new concepts, fashions new tools, develops new methods, hones new skills and designs and facilitates experiential trainings in ways of radical inner-guidance, conflict resolution and individual sovereignty.

The reader is advised to join the author on this ongoing adventure at his own risk.