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Facing Reality: Prison Population in The Land of the Free

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015

1 out of 5 people in jail on planet Earth is a citizen of “the land of the free.” (source)

That’s right.  Almost 1 in 4!  To my American brothers: how do you rationalize this being OK?  How many fathers, sons and brothers are being ripped from their families and caged for growing some plants in their back yard?  Or other victimless crimes?

For years growing up and living in America, I believed that being American meant I was more free than most of the people in the world.  I should be grateful for my freedom, and the system and the rules are set up to protect my freedom.  Wow!  After six years of world travel, I cringe when I hear Americans proclaim that they are so free.

The point here is not how free Americans are or are not, but rather to face the BS of our culture at an even deeper level.  This post is simply meant to spark that inquiry, and the end result of an Awakening inquiry results in actions in one’s life, ideally actions which set one on a new course more in line with one’s values.  Riffing in the comment section taking issue with the content of this post is not such an action.  What I say here might be complete BS, but if it sparks an inquiry with you and leaves you more free or empowered, then I feel I’ve served you.

Culture can be explained as the sum total of the rationalizations, beliefs and rituals that obscure a society’s violence and injustice such that the populace tolerates it.  Said another way, a culture can be said to be the sum total of pacification measures that keep its power structure (along with its violence and injustice) intact.  In this way it can be easy to see culture as culture.

So what are your rationalizations for 1 in 5 of the world’s prison population being those who live in The Land of the Free?  Stop for a moment and let the rationalizations surface in verbal form.  Writing them down could be best.

Because those rationalizations are the bars that not only keep many human beings who are hurting no one in cages… but they also form your cage.  Those rationalizations are what keep you passively accepting the imprisonment of your brothers, and the imprisonment of your will, your spirit.

Consider that beliefs, rationalizations and customs that keep you passively going along with this reality (if indeed you are) are imprisoning you.  They are keeping you from taking a next level of action and rising up.

If your rationalizations include a defense of the American form of democracy and the legal paths one can take to improve the system, consider that many times the legal options for societal change are the very ones allowed by the power structure, and thus not the ones that are going to bring about significant change, as much as we hope for it.

Maybe its time to stop hoping and vote with your feet!  Maybe its time to stop hoping and start hopping continents!  Maybe its time to explore cultures that are more in harmony with your values, or cultures that can show you alternatives and give you insight into creating a more beautiful world.  Maybe its time to stop fighting against the system and start fighting for your freedom and your power to create a more beautiful life and more beautiful world.

Maybe its time to get free!

NOTE: FACING REALITY is a new feature of this new blog I wish to test.  The content of the post is challenging and confrontational in nature, not with the intention to insult anyone or talk down to anyone, but to confront those who desire to be confronted.  A key organizing principle of my life and of my work with people is about Awakening.  We can know something or even feel strongly about it, but this is not enough.  Unless our knowledge is so integrated with our values that we ACT in line with that knowledge, we are not yet Awake in that respect.  We are still sleeping.  And the knowledge is worth little.  As we awaken, we can rise, as free men, warriors and creators.  Until then we are little more than consumers of information standing idly by as our people suffer and we move closer to death.  If we wish to truly LIVE and to stand as great men for our people, we must Awaken.*

*To learn more about the concepts such as Awakening as it relates to consciousness and a life of warriorship, download this free ebook: Awakening the Wealth Warriors, and subscribe to the free email course, Wealth Warrior Awakenings 101.

To claim your freedom, your sacred honor and a life of adventure as a co-journeyer on the first-ever Ronin Adventure with Michael Skye and a band of brothers in South America, stay tuned.

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