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Facing Reality: Hyper-Militarized Federal Bureacracies

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016

This story from the Washington Post this week:  Federal judge decides that drinking tea and shopping at a gardening store give probable cause for a SWAT raid on your home.  Just another in a long line of aggressive over-the-top raid like ones on this grandmother and on Amish farmers and others providing raw milk.

One reason I left the “Land of the Free.”  I am simply Done being subject to SWAT team home raids by heavily militarized by federal bureaucracies pointing guns at children’s heads for crimes such as selling raw milk to neighbors or being in possession of a few marijuana plants.  There are now so many laws and regulations in the US that everyone is a criminal in one way or another.  One cannot even keep track of the growing number of laws one is subject to.  Worse is that these laws and regulations are increasingly enforced by power hungry righteous thugs employed by one federal bureaucracy or another.

Perhaps worst of all in my view is the extent to which so many of the citizens are either ignorant to it or too pacified to do anything about it and many will even justify it.  I am ashamed, disgusted and tired of living in a place where so many people who bear my nationality can call themselves a free people and really believe it while justifying the heavy-handed authoritarianism threatening them and their families every day.

Of course, one can feel quite comfortable in the US, if one colors neatly within the lines, but RiseoftheRonin is not for those who do.

And those who challenge federal authority are more commonly being viewed as “terrorists” … in the same way that America’s founders were terrorists to the throne of Great Britain.

We have more options than protesting, voting, armed rebellion, etc.  Me?  I chose to head off and explore the world and different cultures, curious to discover new options for living free and true to my heart.

My question to you:  What are you personally putting up with in your country and culture?  And what are your excuses for tolerating it?  And what other options are available to you?  How can you live more free and more true?

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