Rise of the Ronin

Amidst the Fall of the Empire

Gone Ronin? What’s In A Name

Posted by on May 18, 2016

Gone Fishin’ — When you´ve left the world behind and go out into nature for some stillness and time alone.

Gone Runnin’ — When you’ve run from the law or whoever’s hunting you, and head for the hills, the border or the wild blue yonder.

Gone Rogue — When you’ve left the official group, tribe, company or team, and go out on your own or join a rival group.

Ronin — A samurai who defied his code of honor by not committing ritual suicide, and instead choosing to be a masterless free man roaming the world, still with his warrior skills and the remnants of his honor code.

Gone Ronin — When you’ve left the group you were born into and in doing so break its honor code, then find yourself masterless yet with the warrior skills and remnants of the honor code you were born into.

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