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Amidst the Fall of the Empire

I Don’t Know What This “Ronin” Thing Is

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016

I Don’t Know What This “Ronin” Thing Is

But I know I gotta do it.

A whole bunch of men–and especially young men–in my life, need conversations with other man about what’s missing and what’s fucked up in their life that the rest of the worlds seems not to notice or understand.

When no one else in your life is talking about something that’s a real part of your life, you can start go feel crazy.  Is something wrong with me?

But there are real cultural dynamics and changes going on our world right now that are deeply affecting many men.  And many will turn to violence, addictions, suicide, etc. as a way to cope.

One of the big benefits of using the term “ronin” when trying to understand yourself, your life and your challenges–rather than just “man” or “human being” or God forbid “Cis gendered male”–is that it immediately brings your attention to the life and needs of the warrior.  In particular the warrior who has been cast out of or left his tribe behind.

For the man who functions in the world and among his people as a “warrior” (a role of facing the world out there and the world within, and standing for one’s self, one’s values and one’s people), honor is not discretionary.  Its not a preference.  Its a need.

I feel I have a lot to bring to conversations with men at this time, so I’m bringing forward these concepts of honor, warrior, ronin, etc..

What this blog, these books and so forth will turn into is unknown.

I just need to keep walking forward, carrying forward these ideas and this work.

No one may read or engage with these ideas today–or tomorrow–or for years.

But they will one day.

So I walk.


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